2015 Global Girls' Summit (April 17-18)

The purpose of this summit is to engage students in a number of activities and discussion about how to boost their confidence, build strong support system through their communities, define their educational goals, and innovatively develop ways that can solve the issues that affect girls globally. Studentshave the opportunity to engage in topics effecting girls globally by way of an open discussion and pre-recorded videos from girls around the world.



We believe - as most do - that by empowering and connecting girls today around education, innovation,

self-awareness, and community, we can cultivate a generation of world changers tomorrow.



2014 Global Girls' Summit Recap

 Unity Bridge Initiative’s First Global Girls’ Summit was truly a success. We had over 100 students from Alexandria City Public Schools (ACPS) and Christ Chapel Academy that were able to attend. 


Many participants shared how much they enjoyed the summit, and our facilitators had nothing but praise for the students involved. Based on what we have heard from everyone who took part in this incredible event, we believe that each girl left the summit with a heightened understanding of the issues facing girls globally and more empowered to positively impact their communities. 


A special thank you to the Mayor of Alexandria, William D. Euille, for his attendance and encouraging words. 


We also would like to thank the efforts of all ACPS administrators, volunteers, partner organizations, and our summit committee.They truly worked hard to make this summit possible.  



Partner Organizations

Girl Inspired and Ready to Lead, Inc.

World Partners for Development

A Bigger Picture, Inc. 

T.C. Williams High School



Summit Facilitators

Jeannette Hodge

Cressida Leonard 

Avonda Turner

Amber Watson

Sharne Cherry

Cherese Lewis 

Natasha Stovall 

Jenay Garrett

Nakia Porter

Maseray Kamara

Chanel Evans 

Cierra Robinson



Summit Committee 

Rosie Essiem* - Unity Bridge

Desmond Tutu* - Unity Bridge 

Danielle Blunt - GIRL, Inc. 

Karin Ngutta - Unity Bridge

Leeand Diggs - Unity Bridge

Michael Diggins - ACPS

Sunah Hallie - Unity Bridge 

Yassah Ballayan - Unity Bridge 

* Co-Chair 


Summit Sponsors


Zoes Kitchen

Jason's Deli